Business Intellegence

Peel Into Your Historical Data to Reveal Hidden Insights with Our Enterprise Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Today, a data-led approach to decision-making is a necessity. At Pursuit Data Systems we enable enterprises to do that with our tailored Business Intelligence Solutions for your industry, department, or even to a specific decision-maker. Our gamut of Business Intelligence (BI) Services encompass BI Consulting, data management (with Data warehousing & Data Lake), data visualization & reporting, diagnostics of existing analytics setup and adoption enhancements with smart enablers, extensions & end-user training.


Business Intelligence


We have a team of 10+ Business intelligence experts with varying competencies like business analysts, BI consultants & developers. They bring about years of the domain & functional expertise of serving multiple Fortune 500 & Large enterprise accounts in different stages of the BI Lifecycle.

We are an Elite BI Service Providers because of our innovative approach & willingness to go out of our way to improve the overall performance & experience with analytics solutions.

Our Business Intelligence Services include

Business Intelligence Consulting – We help our customers evaluate the existing technology gaps and come up with a business intelligence roadmap and strategy that maximizes the value from their data

Business Intelligence Development – Our end-to-end business intelligence development cover the entire range from data management to analytics and reporting to deliver exceptional solutions within an agile framework.

Business Intelligence Dashboarding – With our visualization expertise, we deliver easy to use analytics dashboards and reports that deliver on-the-fly & timely information to help you make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence Diagnostics – Our business intelligence diagnostics services help you perform a health check of your current business intelligence implementations and provide recommendations on enhancing value.

Business Intelligence Support Services – Our business intelligence support and enhancement services cover incidence management, server migration that helps you manage the complexity of keeping your system operational.

Business Intelligence Adoption – Our tailored adoption services and end-user trainings help organizations increase their user adoption of business intelligence system and result in improved ROI on existing implementations.

Expertise: BI & Visualization, Analytics Consulting, Data Analytics, Data Engineering & Warehousing and Big Data

Tools: Qlik, Microsoft BI, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, SAS & Snowflake